Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arenal Hot Springs in Hotel Los Lagos

There are various hotels and facilities around the Arenal Volcano that capture the hot springs water which pours from the base of the famous volcano.  The largest of these Arenal hot springs are found at the Tabacon facility.  However, this facility is also the most expensive to visit (around $60 U.S. per person).

We heard about cheaper Arenal hot springs facilities, but when we drove by them they seemed over-crowded, with tons of large tour buses were sitting outside their entrances.  We asked a local person for a suggestion and he told us about the Arenal hot springs at the Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort.  We decided to try the place out and it ended up up being a great decision.  The cost here was $20 U.S.  per person.

The Arenal hot springs at Hotel Los Lagos may not be as majestic as those at Tabacon and elsewhere, but my boyfriend and I thought the site was fantastic.  The hotel Los Lagos offers five different Arenal hot springs pool areas which are surrounded by lush vegetation. The crowds here were not excessive, which was nice. Below are pictures of our visit to the Arenal hot springs at Hotel Los Lagos.

Entrance to Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort

Regular Pool Area with Wet Bar on the way to the Hot Springs

My boyfriend and I in one of the hot spring pools
Another Arenal Hot Springs Pool

View of Arenal Volcano as seen from the Los Lagos hotel grounds
The Arenal hot springs at Hotel Los Lagos are fed directly from pristine rainforest springs into natural looking hot tubs.  The Arenal hot springs water is said to be full of healthy minerals which chemical, physical and biological benefits, including total relaxation of tense and tired muscles. I can attest to that last part at least!

You do not have to stay at Hotel Los Lagos to use their Arenal hot springs.  But you might consider it, since Hotel Los Lagos offers many other features in addition to the Arenal hot springs, including a restaurant, a spa, horseback riding, a souvenier shop, butterfly/ant/frog/crocodile exhibits, and absolutely amazing views of the Arenal volcano.  Definitely worth a look into if you are thinking about staying in the area.

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