Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Restaurant and Bar in Miramar Costa Rica

Every neighborhood in Costa Rica inevitably has several local restaurant-slash-bar establishments serving food and drinks at every few blocks.  Some are really popular with the neighborhood locals because, besides serving cheap liquor, they offer great food and a fun atmosphere.  In Miramar Costa Rica where I currently reside with my boyfriend, that place is "La Beta De Oro" (see photo below).  Fortunately for me, it's right across the street from our apartment in Miramar.  So when it's time to eat dinner and no one wants to cook, or even if we are just in the mood for a drink or two, we can simply walk right across the street to it.

La Beta De Oro Restaurant and Bar
The funny thing about La Beta (as its referred to here for short), is that it's Colombian-owned.  Maybe that's what makes it so popular with the local Ticos, that is, it's somewhat foreign and different for them.  The owner is a big and tall fair-skinned Colombian man that people refer to as "Bellaza" (that's Spanish for "Beauty").  He's always at La Beta it seems, working alongside his two sons in taking orders and making sure the customers are satisfied.

La Beta offers a really interesting and laid-back atmosphere.  Men and women sit at the bar area, but there are also plenty of dining tables to choose from. There are three large TV screens up on the walls, one of which is always playing music videos (everything from Latin Salsa to American rock videos from the 1980's).  People bring their kids and babies here, so it has a real safe and welcoming community-feel to it.  The other night we were treated to an a cappella performance by a very gifted gentleman singing well-known Mexican ballads.  I say well-known because everyone in the bar except for me was singing along (he's the  man in the red and white cowboy shirt in the picture below).

Performer Singing Mexican Ballads at La Beta de Oro
Another good reason to visit this particular restaurant and bar is that you get a free mini-appetizer with every alcoholic drink you buy.  The appetizers are actually good portion sizes, and include fish soup, nachos with beans, ceviche, and a variety of other choices.  All the food here is really good.  But the truly addictive plate served at La Beta de Oro is without a doubt the "Canastas de Platano con Camaranes" (pictured below). Anyone that has tasted it longs to taste it again, and I've been out with a group of up to ten people all of which end up ordering this same succulent dish.
Canastas de Platano con Camarones (Plantain Baskets with Shrimp)
So if you are in Miramar Costa Rica, perhaps on your way to one of the attractions up the hill from the center of town, or simply on a short stay in Puntarenas to see the beaches, make sure to visit La Beta de Oro restaurant and bar which is about 2 km down the hill from Miramar's town center.  I promise you won't be disappointed!

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