Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Stroll Through Tamarindo Costa Rica

While my sister Lisa was visiting me here in Costa Rica, we had the opportunity to tour the well-known beach town of Tamarindo Costa Rica.  This former fishing village has blossomed into the Nicoya Peninsula's most developed beach town.  In fact, Tamarindo Costa Rica is often referred to as the surfing capital of Costa Rica and is an excellent home base from which to surf more isolated surrounding beaches, such as Playa Avellanas, Play Negra, and Playa Grande, which is said to have Costa Rica's most accessible and consistent break and was described by surfing expert Mark Kelley as "maybe the best overall spot in the country" to surf from.

I'll have to admit that I was somewhat hesitant to visit Tamarindo Costa Rica, especially since one Costa Rica guidebook that I often refer to described the town in this way:
"Recent years have seen a growth in robberies against tourists.  Rental car break-ins are common.  Drugs and prostitution have also encroached, and hustlers can be a nuisance." (Moon Handbooks Costa Rica, by Christopher P. Baker).
Fortunately, my brave sister and I were not deterred.  We made our way to the laid back town of Tamarindo Costa Rica and had a most enjoyable afternoon strolling its main streets and walking around the beach area (see pics below).  Tamarindo is definitely a laid back surfing town (surf schools, surf camps and surf shops abound).  We saw many backpackers and tourists walking or riding bikes, and many young (and older) surf aficionados strolling with their boards both on and off the beach.  At no point in time were we personally ever offered drugs.  We did, however, see prostitutes in skimpy outfits waiting to be picked up on the side of the street when we were entering and leaving the main part of the town.  Despite that, we felt relatively safe (always vigilant, of course) and enjoyed the calm atmosphere of Tamarindo Costa Rica.  You can find loads of cheap accommodations, including hostels, and also some more upscale lodging options as well. Restaurants and shops line the main streets, so there's no shortage of food to eat or things to buy.  Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Tamarindo Costa Rica, especially the end of the trip when we got to take in the lovely sunset at Tamarindo Beach.

Surf Shops in Tamarindo Costa Rica

A Main Street in Downtown Tamarindo

One of the many venues offering surf lessons in Tamarindo

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica

Sunset over Tamarindo Beach

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I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blogs! Can't wait until our visit to Costa Rica in Feb.


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Thanks for the feedback Virginia! You made my day:)

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