Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Food at Jaco's Taco Bar Restaurant

Jaco Costa Rica has an overwhelming array of restaurant choices.  Everything from a dedicated breakfast venue (the Sunrise Breakfast Place), to sushi, Mexican and California dining (at the Pacific Bistro).  Not wanting to spend too much time trying to decide on a good spot for lunch during our recent visit to Jaco, I decided to follow the suggestion in my Costa Rica Moon Guidebook, and opted to try the author's favorite lunch spot known as the Taco Bar.

The Taco Bar is a delightful open-air Japanese themed restaurant serving gourmet fish tacos, sashimi and teriyaki chicken.  Ordering takes a little time to figure out, but our Russian-born hostess, Alexandra, helped us out when we approached the counter.  If you order from one of the five main meal choices on the menu, you have access to buffet stand that's located in the middle of the restaurant.  I don't know how, but flies were no where in sight over the open air buffet offerings. Not sure what the trick is to that!

We both decided to order the fish tacos meals, and were not disappointed (see pics below). You first pick your filling (assorted types of fish, squid or shrimp), then pick your spices (herbs, spicy or coconut), and finally decide if you want 2 or 3 tacos on your plate. Once your taco plate is brought out to you by the server, you head over to the unlimited buffet stand, where you can stack up your plate with dozens of yummy sides including vegetables of all varieties, rice, pasta and much more.

Alexandra, the Russian hostess of the restaurant, told us that she has been living in Jaco for some 2 years now. Her Spanish is very good, but her Russian accent is still strong, and I have to wonder if she is working in Costa illegally.  I guess that's probably pretty common in Jaco, which is famous for other well-known illegal activities.

You will see a sign leading to the Taco Bar right off the main strip through Jaco, known as Avenida Pastro Diaz (see pic of sign below).  You will first order at the counter and then pick your seating - either umbrella sheltered tables on the patio, or else stools or swings (yes - actual swings) at the counter area.  My boyfriend and I both loved the fresh offerings of Jaco's Taco Bar, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for healthier meal alternatives while in Costa Rica.

Sign leading to the Taco Bar that can be seen off the Main Street through Jaco

A picture of the Taco Bar from across the street

Swings at the Taco Bar eating counter

The buffett stand in the middle of the Taco Bar Restaurant

My boyfriend at Jaco's Taco Bar waiting for our meals

My fresh tuna and shrimp tacos with additions from the buffet stand

My boyfriend's picks from the buffet stand

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