Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jazz Cafe Escazu Costa Rica

Last night my boyfriend and I visited the Jazz Cafe Escazu for the first time on the recommendation of his socialite cousin.  The venue is almost right next to the Multiplaza Escazu mall, on the same marginal road off Highway 27.  Jazz Cafe Escazu is actually one of two Jazz Cafe locations in Costa Rica, the other is in San Pedro.  Jazz Cafe Escazu was a dimly lit, clean and inviting restaurant and music venue. There was a gargantuan TV screen above the stage that was show-casing last night's local soccer match before the musical performance took the stage.  There were plenty of seating options, including dining tables and bar stools, but I was surprised that there wasn't a dance floor of any sort.  Of course, that didn't stop some bolder folks from standing up next to their tables and dancing when the mood struck them.  Jazz Cafe Escazu has maintained their popularity by bringing renowned local and international music acts to Costa Rica. Their musical genres include Jazz, R&B, Latin Rock and occasionally American Rock, Salsa and Reggae.  You can see some of our pictures from last night's show below.

Entrance to Jazz Cafe Escazu's Two Story Building

Inside Jazz Cafe Escazu before Performance Started

Tamela Hedstrom Performing

My Boyfriend and I Soaking Up the Atmosphere at Jazz Cafe Escazu
Last night's performer was Jazz and Latin singer Tamela Hedström.  She is the daughter of a Swedish father and Ecuadorian mother who was raised in Costa Rica.  Her diverse cultural mix was evident in her musical style and song choices.  Tamela had a sultry and strong voice and will no doubt make it far in her musical career.

I think the Jazz Cafe Escazu is a great little find, and my boyfriend and I plan on attending many more of their upcoming performances.  The entry fee for last night was about $8 U.S. per person, and drinks were about $5 to $7 each.  To access the Jazz Cafe Escazu and Jazz Cafe San Pedro event calendars click HERE.

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