Monday, May 2, 2011

Avenida Escazu and Imax Costa Rica

So I finally got a chance to visit the famous Avenida Escazu to see what all the buzz was about.  Our main reason for going to this venue was to catch "Thor" at the IMAX Costa Rica - which is part of the attractions offered at Avenida Escazu.  BTW I really enjoyed watching "Thor" in IMAX 3D and Chris' Hemsworth, who played the leading role, has an absolutely amazing body (even my boyfriend had to admit it)!!  Ok back to the topic.

The official website for Avenida Escazu  touts the newly built area as the "First Lifestyle Center" in Costa Rica.  The idea for this project was to combine housing, work, entertainment and shopping into one place.  I really enjoyed walking around the Avenida Escazu area. There was plenty of parking, it was well-lit, and for a few moments there, I felt like I was walking around a trendy area in Miami or Fort Lauderdale (where I formerly lived).  Avenida Escazú currently has:
  • Various designer and specialty shops (my favorite being the Apple iOne store)
  • An Art Gallery (very well stocked and houses some interesting art pieces)
  • Offices
  • A Residence Inn by Marriott hotel on the premises
  • Lofts for sales if you'd like to live here.  These units include a fitness center, swimming pool and 24/7 professional security.
  • Cinema Nova with the IMAX Costa Rica.  They also show regular movies in this cinema.
  • Stylish restaurants, cafes, and a food court area.
Entry to Avenida Escazu area
The Apple iOne Store at Avenida Escazu

Standing Outside the Adolfo Dominguez Store

The Roundabout area at Avenida Escazu

Food Court Area Avenida Escazu

Nova Cinemas (where the IMAX Costa Rica is located)
The IMAX Costa Rica at Avenida Escazu is very popular and seats for these 3D viewings fill up fast.  So buy your ticket before going, and I recommend sitting in Row H or farther back if possible.  Otherwise, you may find yourself suffering from neck pain and eye strain.  Here's the IMAX Costa Rica official website:  Nova Cinemas (in case you'd like to get showtimes or purchase advance tickets).  Avenida Escazu and the IMAX Costa Rica are located off Autopista Prospero Fernandez, on the eastern side of the Hospital CIMA in Escazú, San José, Costa Rica.  I think it's a good little change of pace for when you want to get back to a little more modern and State-side feeling while you are living or vacationing in Costa Rica.

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