Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Stroll Through Esparza Costa Rica

My boyfriend and I are staying with his mom for a few weeks in her home situated in Esparza, Costa Rica.  Esparza is about 20 minutes away from our studio apartment in Miramar, and is a much more developed area than Miramar.  A historic city, Esparza was sacked several times by English pirates, and is the oldest city in the country to remain in the spot where it was founded. Among its historical buildings are the Catholic Church and the Torres School near the town's central plaza.

I asked my boyfriend if we could explore the town a little by foot, so last night he and I walked from his mom's house, which is right off the main highway (Hwy. 1), in towards the center of the town.  The main highway area is a nonstop parade of autos and loud trucks, but as we turned off of it and started walking in towards the middle of town, a much quieter and quainter side of Esparza emerged.

In the center of the Esparza you will find the town's main plaza.  The locals sit outdoors in this large plaza for hours on end, just enjoying the outdoors while chatting, flirting and people-watching.  It was a breezy evening last night, which made it especially pleasant to be outdoors.  Across the street from the plaza sits a Catholic church which was erected during the Spanish Colonial days.  Some have described this church as one of the most impressive in the country, most notably because of its neoclassical facade and domed clock tower (photo below).

My boyfriend and I will soon begin building our home higher up in the hills surrounding Esparza.  Since it requires a car to reach this slightly remote part of town, it will offer us a much quieter alternative to the center of Esparza.

Esparza Costa Rica, Town Central Plaza

Esparza Town Plaza (church in background)

Looking out at the town from the middle of Esparza's Central Plaza

Spanish Colonial Catholic Church in Esparza Costa Rica

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