Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Little Taste of Luxury at Costa Rica's Los Suenos Resort

This past weekend I was in the mood for a taste of luxury (I think it's been all the roughing it for the past two weeks out in the country where we just built our cabin).  So my boyfriend decided to take me to see the beautiful Los Suenos Resort in the town of Herradura, which is along Costa Rica's Pacific coast.  As you are travelling on Hwy 34 you'll see a large white "Plaza Herradura" sign in front of the town's main shopping center (see pic below). Turn towards the sign and then drive a couple kilometers until you see the sign to Los Suenos Resort on your right. You can then tell the guard that your are there to visit the marina area and you'll be allowed in.

Upon passing the guard gate, you find yourself transported to another world.  I'm not exactly sure what Los Suenos Resort reminded me, perhaps a marina town in New England or along California's coast, but I loved the way I felt inside of its gates.  Everything seemed perfect - the manicured landscaping, fountains, brick roads, an 18-hole golf course, people jogging and walking along paved sidewalks, man-made lakes, a beautiful marina with hundreds of yachts docked, and upscale and trendy restaurants and shops for guests.

It was so quiet and quaint inside the Los Suenos Resort, and the condominiums and homes we saw were simply lovely.  I thanked my boyfriend for giving me this taste of luxury that I so badly needed, and added that one day I hoped we have our final home in a place like this.  He agreed without hesitation.

Turnoff point off of Hwy 34 to get to Los Suenos Resort

Sign at entrance to Los Suenos Resort

Large fountain at round-about in Los Suenos.

Golf Course inside the Resort.

Some of the hillside homes inside Los Suenos Resort.

The Marina Village central building.
My boyfriend in front of the marina boat slips.

Me, soaking up the ambience of Los Suenos Resort.


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