Friday, March 18, 2011

Costa Rica "Toros" Pre-Party Celebration

Last night, as we were preparing to wind down and go to sleep, my boyfriend and I were abruptly startled by the loud sounds of a drumming band seeminly right outside our window.  Peeking out through the curtains, we realized that the main street through Miramar, off which we live, was lined with pedestrians on both sides and that there was a parade procession making its way down the street.

As we later found out, this is the "pre-party" to this weekend's local "Toros" event being held in Miramar, Puntarenas in Costa Rica.  "Toro" means bull in Spanish, and the Toros events which are popular here in Costa Rica are a mix between a U.S. style rodeo and the running of the bulls practice that takes place most famously in Spain.

The parade and the on-lookers were heading towards the actual grounds where the Toros event will be held, which much to my surprise, is right behind our apartment. So we decided to get dressed and follow the merriment into the event area.  There were food and drink vendors, mobile dancing stages, and plenty of liquor to go around.  The marching bands that had participated in the street parade further showcased their artistry in stationary mini-performances in front of the attentive crowd (see video below).  A couple of very drunk men from the audience felt compelled to join in with the dancers, often getting a little too close to these scantily-clad women, which resulted in them getting slapped more than a few times.

I really enjoyed the Toros pre-party atmosphere last night, even though the blaring music kept me up past one in the morning!  I will be attending the actual Toros event this Saturday so stay tuned for that posting.

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